10 Best Apps for Editing Instagram Reels

10 Best Apps for Editing Instagram Reels
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The Reels format of short videos has taken root perfectly on Instagram and has become an effective tool for attracting traffic. Unlike stories and publications, reels get into the general feed, where they can be seen not only by subscribers, but also by millions of other users. Reels should definitely be used to promote content and reach new audiences.

The Instagram editor allows you to create creative videos, but its functionality may not be enough to implement your creative ideas. In this article, you will find an overview of the best apps for creating Instagram Reels. They will help you make creative transitions, add text with an aesthetic font, dub a video, and perform editing of any complexity.

1. CapCut

iOS | Android

From the functionality:

Trend transitions;
Ability to add music;
Sound effects library;
Adjusting the video speed;
Cutting out unnecessary frames.
In CapCut, it is convenient to work with individual fragments of video. You can remove any frame, move it, make a break between frames.


2. VN Video Editor

iOS | Android

VN Video Editor is a professional video editor where you can edit reels with transitions to the beat and rhythm of the music. There's already a library of music inside, but you can work with your own files.

In the VN app, you will be able to:

Slow down or speed up playback in the selected section of the video;
Convert audio to subtitles;
Record a voiceover;
Use ready-made text templates or make your own signatures using fonts from the app's library;
Add additional frames to the video;
Make freeze frames through the "freeze" effect.
The app supports 4K video at up to 60 frames per second.

Price: Free. You can expand the functionality with a "VN Pro" subscription.

3) Mojo
iOS | Android

Mojo is the most popular app for creating animated content. In just a couple of clicks, you can bring any photos to life here and turn them into dynamic reels.

In Mojo you will find:

Filters and effects;
400+ ready-made templates with trending sounds;
A collection of unusual fonts with the ability to change the color, size, and slope of the text;
Tools for video editing and background removal.
The content created can be shared on Instagram directly from the app without losing quality.

Prices: Some of the templates and tools are completely free. You can expand the functionality of the application with a "Pro" subscription.

4) ReelsApp

ReelsApp is an app with a collection of over 250 templates. It will do complex editing for you and adjust the photos and videos to the rhythm and beat of the music. Templates are conveniently categorized, so you can quickly find the right option. The templates already have popular sounds from Tik-Tok and Instagram. This will help to create a trendy dynamic reel.

Special attention should be paid to the function of synchronizing pictures with music. All you have to do is select a segment of the song and add the shots you want to create a reel from. The app itself will edit everything so that the photos change with each change in rhythm and the video turns out to be dynamic.

Prices: 30+ templates are available for free, but only with a watermark. To unlock access to other templates, you need to subscribe. In the paid version, the app works without ads and watermarks.


BEAT is an app with ready-to-use templates. Trend reels can be made here in a couple of clicks. This will help save time and solve the problem when there are no ideas and the video needs to be made in short lines.

In addition to working with templates, you can:

Add filters and visual effects;
Overlay voiceover;
Adjust the color of the video;
Combine videos into one video;
Change the playback speed;
Cut and connect the roller segments;
Add music to videos from your library.
Pricing: free. You can subscribe for open access to an expanded collection of templates.

6) InStories Reels & Story Maker
iOS | Android

InStories Reels & Story Maker is an app for creating creative content on social media. Here you will find ready-made materials for editing reels and stories.


Work with ready-made templates;
Adding photos and music;
Export in high resolution;
Work in a video editor;
Overlay of auto-subtitles;
AI-powered background removal;
Adding original fonts that are not available in the social media editor.

All audio files and photos from the app are verified and allowed for use on Instagram, TikTok and VK. So InStories Reels & Story Maker can also be used as a library of music and photos, for which you will not be banned from social networks.

Pricing: free of charge. There is a "PRO" subscription for 2,490 rubles per year. The trial period is 3 days, if you do not cancel your subscription during this time, the app will automatically charge you.

7) Leto — fonts for Instagram
iOS | Android

Leto is an editor with a huge collection of fonts that can be added to reels. Fonts can be edited, resized, and exported with transparent backgrounds.

In addition to fonts, you can quickly add subtitles so that users who watch reels without sound can understand what's going on in the video.

In the app you will find:

Photo and video editor;
More than 150 bright and 250 handwritten and calligraphic fonts;
More than 600 non-infringing backgrounds;
Stickers are divided into categories.
New fonts, backgrounds, and stickers are released every week. Stay tuned to be the first to use new content and create original videos.

Pricing: free. There are in-app purchases.

8) Muse

The Muse app is suitable for creating minimalistic and aesthetic reels. There are many templates in the "fashion", "food" and "travel" categories.

In Muse, you can:

Add graphic elements;
Apply filters to photos and videos;
Synchronize the clip with the music;
Use ready-made templates or create your own reels from scratch;
Overlay the reels with trendy fonts.
The content is updated every week. You will always find here new interesting solutions that will help you quickly create aesthetic reels for Instagram.

Pricing: free. There are in-app purchases.

9) Ninetales: Reels & Stories

Ninetales: Reels & Stories is an iOS app that combines a large collection of templates and a video editor with all the tools you need to create unforgettable reels.

Inside the app:

Planner for planning the visual strategy of the account;
Graphic editor with the ability to add shapes, backgrounds, and stickers;
Tools to create an endless carousel;
More than 100 templates for Reels;
Trending sounds and fonts;
Guides in which you will find many useful tips for creating and promoting content.
The app also has more than 500 templates for posts and stories. Here you can create all your social media content in the same style, using the same fonts and elements.

Pricing: free. There is a subscription that gives you access to the full collection of templates. The trial period is 3 days.

10) Sketchbook
iOS | Android

Sketchbook isn't just for reels, but you can draw handwritten fonts and stroke here. This will help in creating original stylish covers that other users do not have.

The free functionality of the application includes:

A large set of brushes (airbrushes, strokes, pencil markers, etc.);
Stroke tools;
Layers with blending mode;
Rulers and guides.
In the "Premium" package:

Ability to create your own brush;
Import and export brushes and color palettes;
Grouping and masking layers;
Extract color palettes from images.
Pricing: free of charge. The "Premium" package with advanced functionality.

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