Best Instagram Downloader Websites for 2024

Best Instagram Downloader Websites for 2024
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Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms in the world. Here, we will brief you on the top and Best 13 Instagram Downloader websites available on the Net.

What is an Instagram Downloader?

Instagram Downloader is a third-party tool that allows you to download anything from the social media platform. By default, Instagram doesn't allow users to save Content from the platform. Some people try to take screenshots to take photos or use screen recorders to record videos. But this decreases the quality of the Content.

Instagram offers many features to the users. A user can share his videos, photos, daily stories, or short video reels with his friends and followers on the platform. People often face many difficulties if they want to download valuable information or videos of others. Instagram downloader is a saviour for them.

You can find many websites that allow downloading Instagram content, but they could be better. Many users face scams and account theft while trying to download from Instagram. We have gathered the Best 13 Instagram Downloaders from which you can effortlessly download anything on Instagram. 

1. InSaver:

The first website we will discuss is InSaver. This is the first on our list because of the website's versatility and ease of use. The website comes with a very easy and user-friendly interface. You will find the option to download anything from Instagram by entering the homepage. Insaver allows you to save Instagram videos, photos, stories, profiles, and links, as well as IGTV.



  1. Lucrative Interface
  2. 100% safety of your privacy
  3. Doesn't need any login information
  4. The informative blog section on Instagram tips
  5. Free to use


2. iGram:

In number 2, we have i gram. The website needs the URL of your desired Content to download it for the Instagram server. When you enter their homepage, you will find a small guide on downloading and their features. You can download reels, individual and multiple videos, large videos of IGTV, and numerous photos at a time. igram io


  1. You can select the resolution of the videos while downloading
  2. Fast and easy to use.
  3. You won't need to register to use it.
  4. Can fetch contents with usernames


3. Saveinsta:

The website was founded in 2020 to download anything from Instagram. Soon, the number of website users grew. This is a simple website. You don't need to do anything other than post the URL. On Insaver or Ingram, you must first select what you want to download, but Saveinsta doesn't require that. One of Save insta's best features is that you can easily download private Instagram posts, likes, stories, videos, or photos. The website is simple, fast, and secure.


  1. Allow you to download posts of private account
  2. You will get many informative posts on the blog posts.
  3. Simple and easy to use
  4. Don't bother with display ads.


4. Fastdl: is a quick and responsive platform for downloading Instagram posts. They provide options to choose the quality of videos. All the available rates, like 480p, 720p, and 1080p, will be shown before downloading. The website offers you the feature to download Carousel with one click. The platform allows users to download images and videos only from public accounts, valuing the user's privacy.


  1. Easy and quick user experience
  2. Options to download videos of different qualities
  3. No additional registration is required.
  4. Free to use



Another Instagram downloader in the market is Indown io. It has a fast, quick, and responsive user interface. They allow you to download anything from social media without registering or downloading additional apps. You will get a comprehensive guide on downloading from Instagram on the homepage.


  1. No login info is required
  2. Responsive website, easy to use
  3. Download anything from Instagram with a simple click and original quality
  4. No need for any additional app.


6. SnapInsta:

Snapinsta is in the number 6 position on our list. To download any Instagram content, visit the website and paste the post URL. The website will allow you to download the Content without redirecting you anywhere. The website supports downloading photos, stories, reels, videos, and more.


  1. Safe and secure downloading.
  2. Allow to download the video in the highest quality
  3. You can download photos in original resolution
  4. They have a supportive mobile application for Android and IOS.


7. Save From Net:

Save from Net is one of the oldest platforms on the list. They have been serving people by letting them download from social media platforms for a long time. You can download it from the website from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and many other platforms. If you want to download Instagram content from there, choose an Instagram option from the homepage. It will redirect you to another page, where you will find the instagram downloader.


  1. All social media platforms are in one platform.
  2. Powerful server for processing videos.
  3. Secure and safe to use
  4. No login or registration is needed. 


8. IGDownloader:

IGdownloader is also a website where you can download your preferred Instagram posts. You can use many pro features for free on this website. They allow downloading private account content. Their simple, fast, and user-friendly interface has attracted many users.


  1. Download Content from private Instagram accounts.
  2. The website is supported in more than 20 languages.
  3. Limitless download without paying a penny
  4. They have their official app on Android and IOS.


9. SSSInstagram:

In the 9th position of your list, we have SSSinstagram. The website has been available in the industry for almost 6 years. You can download all types of posts from this website. This website is 100% safe; it doesn't need any login information. You will also find a comprehensive guide on instagram download on the home page.


  1. Lucrative and easy-to-use website.
  2. Secured, no login credentials are needed.


10. Inflact:

At number 10, you can download instagram content from Inflact. The website is fast, free, and secure. It provides many more services like Hashtag generators, hashtag trends, profile analyzers, and downloaders.


  1. It supports many interesting qualities apart from instagram download
  2. The download process is very simple.
  3. Informative blog section for the viewers.


11. Story Saver:

Are you looking for a site from which you can download particularly the stories of your favourite person? Story Saver can be the best solution, as they focus mainly on downloading photos and videos from instagram stories. You can also download highlights from the website.


  1. Dedicated for downloading instagram stories and highlights.
  2. You can also download other content from here.
  3. Story saver is safe and quick.


12. InstaFinsta:

InstaFinsta can be helpful for instagram downloads; they consider themselves unique from other downloaders on the internet. You can finish multiple downloads at the same time from here. The photos or videos will be downloaded without any watermark on them. They also value the privacy of their users with a user-friendly privacy policy.


  1. User-friendly interface and lag-free ecosystem
  2. Multiple downloads at the same time
  3. Doesn’t take any information from the users. 

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