3 Reliable & Profitable Ideas for Making Money from Instagram in 2023

3 Reliable & Profitable Ideas for Making Money from Instagram in 2023
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Instagram is a social network with more than a billion active users. From a platform for instant photo sharing, Instagram has long turned into a full-fledged place to make money and do business. Still think it's unrealistic to make money here? Then it's time to read this article and change your mind.

How to make money on or from Instagram

The first question that a person asks himself when he hears about making money on Instagram is "is it possible to do it?" Yes, it is more than real. In this article, we will share with you the most effective ways to make money on the social network Instagram and tell you in detail about the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

1. Become an Account Admin for Businesses and Celebrities

This way of making money is not suitable for everyone. If you have never dealt with moderation and administration of social media accounts before, you will first have to practice in your communities so as not to accidentally harm the customer and not to be left without payment.

The advantage of this way of earning money is that you can administer several accounts at once and get stable money from remote work.

To show yourself as a good administrator and get recommendations from customers, be sure to manage accounts in those niches in which you are well versed and can bring something useful and interesting to the client.

What tasks does an administrator have to face?

  • creating new posts or editing existing posts,

  • photo and video processing,

  • communication with profile followers,

  • creation of a content plan,

  • generating interesting ideas to attract and engage the target audience,

  • search for advertising platforms and close work with advertisers,

  • analysis of account statistics,

  • search for new promotion strategies.

This leads to an obvious conclusion – the account administrator should make sure that only high-quality content is published on the Instagram account, which will help to fruitfully interact with the target audience.

To search for Instagram admin jobs, use freelancing marketplaces like Fiverr or Upwork, for example. 

2. Selling Photos

If you travel frequently, then this type of income will definitely suit you. Take high-quality photos with your smartphones (or cameras), break them down by topic, and then sell them on photo stocks like Shutterstock, for example. Such a product is very popular there, and you can easily not only recoup all the costs of travel, but also earn something extra.

You can publish some of the works on your Instagram account, and sell some on photo stocks, and thus earn more.

How does this work?

  • You find a client directly or through a special service,
  • Negotiate the price and discuss the terms of reference,
  • Take high-quality pictures on demand and get paid for them.

To sell your photos, we recommend using services like Shutterstock or Getty Images.

To get started, create a profile and upload your best photos to the portfolio you want to get paid for. In such services, it is very important to set the right hashtags for more earnings. Also, try to shoot what is the least on the stocks, but at the same time focus on demand.

You can sell some works directly to the owners of other sites, such as news portals, and get much more money for this than for what is sold on photo stocks. Try to avoid staged photos, as most brands today are looking for live footage and are willing to pay good money for it. Plus, try to use 4x5 portrait shots more often, they look more professional than the square format.

The income from this method depends on how many photos you put up for sale. Naturally, the more photos on popular topics, the higher the profit.

3. Earnings from consultations

If you understand an area that is difficult to sell in the form of goods via the Internet, you can give paid consultations. Psychologists, dentists, lawyers, and even plumbers can make some extra money. Or even switch to paid consultations as the main source of income.

To make money in this way, you must have an excellent command of the topic and be able to interact with the target audience. To get more trust, give free consultations in the form of useful posts with illustrative examples more often.

Study your target audience in detail, enlist the support of bloggers in similar topics, create a portfolio with good reviews (this is where useful free consultations will help a lot).


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