The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Story Download

The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Story Download
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As one of the leading social media platforms in the world, Instagram has always offered the best to its users. To engage users more with the app, instagram started providing more features, including Instagram Stories. Many visitors try to save the stories of their friends, loved ones, or favorite celebrities, but they often fail. Here, we will bring a comprehensive guide on Instagram Story Download.

What is Instagram Story Saver?

In 2016, instagram introduced its new feature named Instagram Stories. Users could share their thoughts, photos, and moments with their followers. The part soon became famous as all the Influencers started using it to share the moments of their daily lives. Instagram stories are used to share photos and videos for 24 hours.

It's best for showcasing someone's daily achievement or significant moments to others, which they want to keep for a limited period. Later, in 2017, instagram thought about the importance of keeping the stories in the timeline longer. They introduced Instagram Highlights, where the users could add their most valuable and favorite stories. The stories' highlights are featured and viewed on the viewer's Instagram Timeline. 

As the popularity of the feature grew, the importance of saving the stories also increased. Instagram doesn't provide any default system for storing the reports on the user's device. That's why the users need help from third-party websites and applications for Instagram Story Download. Insaver is the best way of storing instagram stories. You will find the platform most convenient for its friendly experience and easy-to-use features. 

How to do Instagram Story Download  Using Insaver: A Step-By-Step Guide

You can easily download any story from Instagram with the help of Insaver. For that, you will need to follow some simple steps:

Visit Insaver:

Insaver is a dedicated website for downloading Instagram Content. Visit the website from your browser; you can use any browser for that, as the website is well-optimized and compatible. You will find a field on the homepage saying insert the instagram post here. Select the stories from just the field in the box if you wish to download a particular level. Other options include downloading Videos, Photos, IG TV, etc.


The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Story Download


Copy Your Desired Story URL:

In the next step, you have to visit instagram. Tap in the story you want to save. You will find a button to share the story. If you tap the share button, you will find the option to copy the link of that individual story. Now, copy the link in your clipboard and follow the next step.

Paste the Link in Insaver:

Now, return to the Insaver and paste the story link. The website will start processing the story's content if you provide the correct URL. Otherwise, it will show an error message suggesting to ensure the accurate information.


The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Story Download



When following all the steps and successfully submitting the story URL, tap the download button and save the story in your preferred format. In this way, you can do Instagram Story Download on your device.


The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Story Download

How can you save Instagram Stories on a Windows device?

If you are a PC user, you can easily download Instagram Stories to your computer with the help of Google Chrome. There are many extensions to help you download your desired stories. Here are the steps for downloading any account from Instagram on your PC:

  1. Download any instagram story downloader from the Google Chrome Store. Almost all of them work in the same way.
  2. Now, go to any story. While viewing the story, you will find a download icon on the top right of the page. 
  3. Click on the download icon. The story will be downloaded on your computer successfully.

How do you do Instagram Story Download on an Android device?

You can easily download any instagram stories on your Android devices. Many third-party applications will allow you to save valuable reports for free. 

Some people want to download their own stories, as there are plenty of options to edit and use elements on instagram. If you want to download your own instagram story, you won't need any third-party instagram story downloader applications. Here are the steps:

  1. Tap on your own story.
  2. You will find three dots indicating more options on your story page. By tapping there, you will find the option to save the image.
  3. Tap to save. The image will be downloaded to your camera roll.

To download others' stories, you will need the help of some third-party apps. You will find many Instagram Downloaders in the Google Play Store. Download one, and open the app. If the app wants your login info, try to avoid it. Most apps require the story URL; copy and paste it into the required field. The app will download and save the instagram story on your device. 


The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Story Download


Can You Use Instagram Story Saver on an iPhone?

Yes, of course. IOS also allows you to save your Instagram story. Downloading your account is the same for all types of devices. For downloading other's story:

  1. Apple Store offers many third-party story-saver apps like Android. You can select and download any from there. 
  2. The next step is to paste the URL and save the story on your device. 

If you don't want the help of third-party story-saver applications, you can download the image from Insaver.

Is It Safe to Use an Instagram Story Downloader?

To do Instagram Story Download, Using an Instagram story saver is safe in almost all cases. But you have to choose from where you are going to download. Some websites or applications will ask you to provide your instagram credentials. Always avoid this type of site, as most will try to save your login information and harm your privacy. 

But, a site like Insaver is safe, as it will not require login credentials to download someone's story. It requires only the URL of the story. So, the chance of getting scammed is zero percent. Meanwhile, Insaver also maintains your privacy, as the person's account you are downloading will know nothing about it. 

Final Words:

When Instagram launched the Story feature, people needed help to save themselves from there. But later, you can save anything from this social media platform with advanced technology. We highly recommend you try Insaver to Instagram Story Download, as the platform values your privacy and lets you download any story you want without hassle.

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