10 Types of Instagram Posts for a Personal Profile

10 Types of Instagram Posts for a Personal Profile
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Instagram has long ceased to be just a visual platform. Yes, photos still play a key role here, but without an interesting caption, they are unlikely to be noticed.

Good engagement is an indicator of profile success: The longer followers consider your post, the higher their engagement. Do you want reach, likes, and comments? Then write interesting posts so that people read, get involved in the dialogue, and express their opinions. And if you don't know where to start, catch 10 post ideas for your personal Instagram profile.


According to the classics of the genre, a post-acquaintance is posted when the blog has at least a small backbone of active readers.

In it, you will:

  • Identify yourself (what's your name, what do you do?);
  • Briefly talk about the blog (what is it about, why do you run it?);
  • Point out your competitive advantages (why should people read you?).

There is no template here, write in your usual style, let the text be lively, and not written as if it were a carbon copy. By the way, as you add new followers, you can duplicate the post in the feed so that readers are aware of who they follow and what useful things they can get from your profile. And to increase the engagement of the post, invite your followers to tell something about themselves in the comments.


If you have several thematic sections, tag each of them with a special hashtag, for example: #@(nickname)_interior design; #@(nick)_life hacks; #@(nick_)Storiesoflife.

As soon as there are at least 4-6 posts in each section, post a post with navigation. Specify all the hashtags, briefly describe under which publications you leave them.

First of all, this is a gesture of respect for followers, it will be much more convenient for them to navigate your blog. Plus, thanks to tags, new subscribers will be able to quickly find all posts on the topic they are interested in, and this is a great opportunity to "revive" old publications.

Useful collections

Collections are added to "Saved" more often than other posts. Plus, thanks to the easy presentation of the material, they get good views and responses. What to include? It depends on the topic of the blog.

It can be:

  • A selection of TV series;
  • Top 10 budget-friendly, but high-quality care products;
  • A volume of attractions of a particular city;
  • Top ways to promote on social networks for free;
  • A selection of photo editing apps.

Do not forget to maintain the correct structure - spaces, empty lines, marking lists (with the help of symbols, emojis). The collection should be divided into blocks and easy to read.


From time to time, you can publish up-to-date news information. If your opinion is listened to, bring up popular topics, those that the media is shouting about.

And if your followers follow your everyday life, tell them about changes in your life in the format of news.


If there is a concept of "trendiness" in the area you are reviewing, use this as the basis of your publications. Talk about new products, make an analysis of trends, give up-to-date advice.

This format is suitable for:

  • Stylists (fashion combinations, etc.);
  • Interior designers (current colors, furniture, materials);
  • Landscape designers (stylish solutions for the garden);
  • Beauty bloggers (hairstyle and makeup trends).

At the end of the post, you can invite subscribers to express their opinion about new trends, this will stimulate activity. Plus, don't forget to respond to their comments. The more communication under the post, the better for statistics.

Real-life stories

The main trend of social networks in 2020 is sincerity and naturalness. That is why funny or, on the contrary, sad stories from life are gaining popularity. Moreover, this text format will fit both into the specialist's page and into the lifestyle blog.

You can tell:

  • Relationship history;
  • About the First Love;
  • About fears and worries;
  • About a controversial life situation;
  • Case study (suitable for a psychologist, doctor, tarot reader).

Don't be afraid to write in a lively syllable, texts like "copied from Wikipedia" have not been impressive for a long time.

Professional Revelations

People like to look beyond the profession. If you have a lot of experience behind you, then you probably have something to share with your subscribers.

Tell us about it on your blog. This is a risky content format, but in 80% of cases it goes viral, and brings a lot of subscribers.


It's great if you can inspire someone by example. And it doesn't matter how big your victories are: whether you lost weight, recovered from a divorce, managed to get out of credit bondage. Inspiring stories about overcoming difficulties perfectly show that there is a real person on the "other side" of the screen, and not a blogger buying boring informational posts on copywriting exchanges.

Help in solving the problem

Again, you need to proceed from the topic of the blog and the problems of subscribers. Think about what your followers are concerned about. Go through the comments, highlight a specific problem, and make a post with a solution to that problem.

The problem can be both deep and superficial. The main thing is to focus on the "pain" of subscribers, and then a response with gratitude is guaranteed.

Blogging Tips

If you analyze your followers, you will realize that 10-20% of them are on similar blogs. Newcomers like to subscribe to more advanced colleagues, get ideas, and follow progress, and most of all, they're looking forward to your unique blogging tips. It is not necessary to reveal all the cards, a couple of life hacks will be quite enough.

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